Some Homely Beauty Tips and Measures to apply

We go and spend loads and loads of money for our daily Beauty needs like body scrub,Lip balm and what not.I agree all that sweet smell, amazing look of them and the feel they give us makes us run back to the store and grab them but lets try the NATURAL way for once. Here are some DIY natural beauty products you can make at home not only do they work wonders but since they are natural they will have a very positive affect on your skin. Get ready to use these from next time girls.
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Lip Balm
Are you surprised that this is on the list? I know, we think that lip balms are very hard to make and everything but you are so wrong.These are one of the easiest things to make and here is how. Take some beeswax, Coconut oil, fragrance oil(optional and depends on what flavor you want it in) and sweet almond oil. Melt all of these together in a boiler and pour these into a container and TADA!! your lip balm is ready.Its very natural and good for your lips.You can get all these products in any stores.From now on, say bye bye to the lip balms in the store and try these.
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I am sucker for those coco-butter, Shea butter moisturizers. Oh boy, They make me go crazy but if you want something really amazing for your skin then throw those moisturizers from the store away and use coconut oil instead( When i say coconut oil buy pure coconut oil from the stores) They smell wonderful but if you hate the smell of coconuts then use virgin olive oil instead as it works the same way.
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Hair Mask
If you are one of those girls who uses straightener or blow dryers then this tip is for you. Take a egg and  whisk it and mix a table spoon of water and apply it to your hair. Take a plastic cover or shower cap and stuff your hair in it for the best results,Leave it like that for 10-15 minutes and then take a shower.This is will repair the hair and will make it stronger.
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Body Scrub
Body Scrubbing is one of the most important things any girl should do.We take care of our face well enough but some how neglect the body.For a body scrub you don’t need to go spend good money on them.Here is an alternative, Take olive oil and sea salt and use it as your body scrub.You can feel your smooth skin all shiny and pretty after its done.
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Hair Treatment
One more Hair treatment for you girls. Take some Apple Cider Vinegar  and rinse your hair with it.Once that is done take some shampoo(less than how much you would usually use) and wash it off so that remaining of the vinegar  would leave the hair.
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These are some of the best DIY Beauty treatments you can do it home in NO TIME and would give out the best results.Try them a couple of times and see the results for yourself.Hope you liked this post.Till next time…
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